BlackOwned CBone @BlackOwnedCBone at @CenterStageATL for #TheRealATownExperience

Atlanta rap artist BlackOwned CBone is a member of the Dungeon Family, and of a hip-hop trio called Konkrete. Although he is not particularly well-known outside of Atlanta yet, he is much loved within the city, and the crowd at The Real A-Town showcase on the Friday night of A3C went wild when he came on stage.

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Third Day of @A3C at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Midtown Atlanta

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The days at A3C Hip-Hop Festival are primarily centered around the conference hotel. There are exhibits and panels on the second floor, and a VIP lounge with a DJ and snacks and drinks on the 25th floor, with a beautiful panoramic view of the city. There was also this year a Microsoft gaming center for attendees to try out various new video games, and a Reebok shoe exhibit. But in many ways, the most valuable activity at A3C occurs in the lobby and in front of the hotel, as attendees meet each other and network.