Historic Beauty in North Carrollton and Carrollton, MS

018 The Nook, North Carrollton MS020 North Carrollton MS021 North Carrollton MS022 The Nook, North Carrollton MS023 North Carrollton MS024 North Carrollton MS025 North Carrollton MS026 North Carrollton MS027 Carrollton MS028 Masonic Lodge, Carrollton MS029 Carrollton MS030 Old Barn, Carrollton MS031 Lexington Street, Carrollton MS032 Lexington Street, Carrollton MS033 The Conservative, Carrollton MS034 Lexington Street, Carrollton MS035 Peoples' Bank, Carrollton MS036 Ye Olde Town Water Office, Carrollton MS037 Carrollton MS038 Carrollton Square039 Carrollton Square040 Carroll County Courthouse, Carrollton041 Carroll County Market042 Carrollton Square043 Merrill Museum, Carrollton MS044 Carrollton Methodist Church, Carrollton MS045 Carrollton Presbyterian Church, Carrollton MS046 Grace Episcopal Church, Carrollton MS047 Carrollton Square048 Carrollton Square
Often in Mississippi, the coming of railroads led to the formation of new towns that led to the death of the older original communities in counties, but that was not always the case. In Carroll County, the old historic county seat in the western half of the county was Carrollton (the eastern county seat was at Vaiden), but the coming of the railroad in the late 19th century led to creation of a new town called North Carrollton along the railroad tracks. But unlike the usual scenario, perhaps because the new townsite and the old townsite were separated only by a creek, there was no wholesale relocation of the old town to the new town, but rather both continued to co-exist, as they still do today. North Carrollton has the look of a railroad town of its era, but the real charm is in Carrollton, which is remarkably well-preserved. Its historic court square has been lovingly restored, and while there is not a lot of business (most commercial firms and restaurants seem to be in North Carrollton), tourists will enjoy the museum and historic churches and buildings.

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