Waiting For The Parade in Treme

234 St. Augustine's Church235 St. Augustine's Church236 Satchmo Summerfest Banners237 St. Augustine's Church238 Before the Parade239 Before the Parade240 Satchmo Summerfest241 Bikes242 Before the Parade243 St. Claude244 Before the Parade245 Before the Parade246 Before the Parade248 Before the Parade249 Before the Parade250 Before the Parade251 Before the Parade252 Before the Parade253 Before the Parade254 Before the Parade255 Before the Parade256 Before the Parade257 Before the Parade258 Before the Parade259 Before the Parade260 Before the Parade261 TBC Brass Band262 TBC Brass Band263 Before the Parade264 Before the Parade265 Before the Parade266 TBC Brass Band Chilling267 Before the Parade268 Zulus269 Sudan270 Before the Parade271 Baby Boys Brass Band272 Before the Parade273 Before the Parade274 Fi Ya Ya Warrior Logo275 The Baby Dolls276 The Baby Dolls277 The Baby Dolls278 The Baby Dolls279 The Baby Dolls280 Before the Parade281 Chief of the Fi Ya Ya Warriors282 Chief of the Fi Ya Ya Warriors283 Chief of the Fi Ya Ya Warriors284 Chief of the Fi Ya Ya Warriors285 Chief of the Fi Ya Ya Warriors286 Chief of the Fi Ya Ya Warriors287 Chief of the Fi Ya Ya Warriors288 Chief of the Fi Ya Ya Warriors289 Chief of the Fi Ya Ya Warriors290 Before the Parade
This year’s Satchmo SummerFest second-line was supposed to start at 12:30, but it didn’t, because the preceding jazz mass at St. Augustine’s Church ran long. While we were waiting in the hot sun, members of the TBC Brass Band and the Baby Boys Brass Bands showed up, a number of members of the Zulus and the Sudan Social Aid & Pleasure Club showed up, as well as the Baby Dolls, a group of women and young girls dressed in distinctive costumes who usually appear early on Mardi Gras morning, and the chief and members of the Fi Ya Ya Warriors, a Black Indian tribe based out of the nearby Backstreet Cultural Museum. There were also vendors selling T-shirts and umbrellas, and a lot of tourists waiting for the parade to get under way.

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