More Band Battles at Fairley High School

001 Melrose High School Band002 Melrose High School Band003 Melrose High School Band004 Melrose High School Band006 Oakhaven High School Band007 Oakhaven High School Band008 Oakhaven High School Cymbals009 Fairley High School Band010 Fairley High School Band011 Fairley High School Band012 Fairley High School Drumline013 Fairley High School Band014 Melrose High School Band015 Melrose High School Bass Drums016 Melrose High School Flags017 Oakhaven High School Majorettes018 Fairley High School Band019 Fairley High School Band020 Melrose High School Band021 Oakhaven Drummers vs. Melrose Drummers vs. Fairley Drummers022 Melrose Drumline023 UAPB Marching Band024 KRANK Drumline025 UAPB Marching Band026 UAPB KRANK Drumline027 UAPB Marching Band028 UAPB Marching Band029 UAPB Flags030 UAPB Marching Band031 UAPB Marching Band032 UAPB Marching Band033 UAPB Marching Band034 Oakhaven, Melrose & Fairley Mass Band035 Oakhaven, Melrose & Fairley036 Melrose, Oakhaven & Fairley037 Melrose, Fairley & Oakhaven177 Fairley High School Band178 Fairley High School Drumline188 Melrose Drumline190 UAPB Marching Band191 UAPB Marching Band199 UAPB Marching Band201 UAPB Marching Band204 UAPB Marching Band
The day after the big band battle took place at Oakhaven, there was another band battle between Melrose High School, Oakhaven High School and Fairley High School, this time at the gymnasium at Fairley in Whitehaven. The three high school bands and drumlines battled, and then there was an exhibition by the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff’s Marching Musical Machine of the Mid-South band. Since all the bands (including UAPB) had arrangements of Memphis rap artist Snootie Wild’s single “Yayo”, they closed out the event by attempting to have all the bands play it together. Keeping it together was somewhat difficult, but it was a cool way to close out the event.

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