Majorettes and Drummers at Manassas High School

281 Millennium Madness Drumline282 Millennium Madness Drill Team & Drumline285 Crump Elementary Majorettes and Drummers286 Crump Elementary Majorettes287 Crump Elementary Drummers289 Martin Luther King Jr Drill Team & Drumline290 Martin Luther King Jr High School Drumline291 Martin Luther King Jr. High School Drumline001 Majorette Jamboree002 Majorette Jamboree003 Majorette Jamboree004 Millennium Madness Drumlines005 Crump Elementary Drummers and Majorettes007 Sunset in Scutterfield
I knew there was to be a massive majorette jamboree at the Manassas High School gym on Saturday afternoon (February 7), so I rode over there to see if I could capture any last remnants of the old Memphis majorette and drummer tradition. As usual, most of the performing groups involved were using prerecorded compact discs, but there were three contestants that used the traditional drumline instead, the Millennium Maddness Drill Team and Drum Squad, the Crump Elementary Majorettes and Drummers from Hickory Hill, and the Martin Luther King Jr. Diamond Divas and Drumline, the latter being the new name for the former Frayser High School now that it has been taken over by the state and turned into a charter. While I am thrilled that there are still a few groups who uphold the old tradition of dancers and drummers, I miss the old jamborees of my teenage years when everyone did their routine to drummers lined up against the wall of the gym.

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