Cameron Bethany, Mike Mosby and the Hard Hitters Kick Off Fridays Unplugged at K-2 Ultra Lounge @cameronbethany_ @MosbyMike @901k2lounge

001 Hard Hitters002 Cameron Bethany003 Hard Hitters004 Hard Hitters005 Mike Mosby006 MonoNeon007 Cameron Bethany008 Cameron Bethany009 Cameron Bethany and the Hard Hitters010 K-2 Ultra Lounge011 K-2 Ultra Lounge
Cameron Bethany is one of Memphis’ best soul singers, and the Hard Hitters, led by drummer Mike Mosby, is one of Memphis’ best soul bands, so they were a natural choice to kick off the weekly Unplugged Fridays at K-2 Ultra Lounge on Union Avenue in downtown Memphis. Each Friday, beginning at 9 PM, the band plays two sets of excellent contemporary jazz and neo-soul.

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