Mixtape Review: OG Boo Dirty “The Story of OG”

I’ll admit that I had never heard of OG Boo Dirty until the now-infamous confrontation that apparently occurred between him and some of Yo Gotti’s people at the Level II. And I honestly wasn’t expecting anything out of the ordinary when I downloaded this mixtape. And besides that, I am, and have always been, a fan of Yo Gotti. But I have to admit that this mixtape surprised me for its consistent quality. For one thing, the production quality is stellar, with first-rate beats throughout. And, even more to my surprise, OG Boo Dirty is a better-than-average rapper, and while street rap usually seems tired and redundant to me these days, he does it well. Obviously, the high points of the mixtape are the two songs that are starting to be heard everywhere in Memphis these days, “She’s A Freak”, and “South Memphis Stand Up” another anthem for those on the Southside alongside Gangsta Blac’s legendary “South Parkway.” Altogether not a bad mixtape. Click on the cover to download and enjoy.¬†

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